Community Nursing Care

Community nursing care services are dedicated to addressing your clinical and personal requirements, allowing you to lead an independent and healthy life. At Bigworks, our community nurses are compassionate and highly skilled professionals who prioritize cultural sensitivity and stand ready to provide their assistance.

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Community Nursing Care in Townsville

Community Nursing Care Services in Townsville, QLD

Bigworks offers the service of a registered nurse who will assess your clinical necessities for both nursing and personal care in the comfort and safety of your own home. Through collaborative consultation with you, this registered nurse will determine the appropriate number, type, and frequency of nursing and personal care services required to meet your needs. These services will undergo regular monitoring and monthly reviews by a registered nurse to ensure they remain suitable for your clinical requirements.

Our team is not only trained to establish a strong rapport with our clients but also to make their journey with us a memorable one while offering valuable emotional support. Team members at Bigworks receive consistent supervision and ongoing training to remain attuned to the evolving and diverse care needs of our clients.


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