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Having a disability should not mean that you can’t enjoy life. The wide range of services which Big Works provides ensure that you will have everything that you need for a high standard of living, whatever your situation.
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Whether it’s regarding transport and mobility, dealing with chronic illness, preventative care,  or even everyday tasks such as socialising and housekeeping, we will be here to support and assist you with our flexible and relevant services.

Services provided by Big Works to people with disabilities

Big Works provides a range of services to enable people with disabilities to live independently. Some of these services are described in more detail here.
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Disability Support Workers

Our disability support workers are available to help you when you need it most as they provide Disability Support in Brisbane. Their primary role is to help you achieve your goals so that you can become more independent and confident. They help you access the community through innovative community involvement, so you can take part in activities that help you develop your skills, independence and relationships. Our assistants can help you learn life skills and develop assisted living skills to help you develop the daily skills that are important to developing your confidence.

Community Nursing Care

Community nursing care services are dedicated to addressing your clinical and personal requirements, allowing you to lead an independent and healthy life. At Bigworks, our community nurses are compassionate and highly skilled professionals who prioritize cultural sensitivity and stand ready to provide their assistance. Bigworks offers the service of a registered nurse who will assess your clinical necessities for both nursing and personal care in the comfort and safety of your own home. Through collaborative consultation with you, this registered nurse will determine the appropriate number, type, and frequency of nursing and personal care services required to meet your needs. These services will undergo regular monitoring and monthly reviews by a registered nurse to ensure they remain suitable for your clinical requirements. Our team is not only trained to establish a strong rapport with our clients but also to make their journey with us a memorable one while offering valuable emotional support. Team members at Bigworks receive consistent supervision and ongoing training to remain attuned to the evolving and diverse care needs of our clients.

Assist Personal Activities

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities' service tailored for individuals with disabilities who live independently in their own homes, with family, or other household arrangements. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life by making it easier and more comfortable for you to engage in various social, recreational, educational, or employment activities, even when you're away from home during holidays. We provide assistance and supervision for essential daily life tasks, and our support extends to helping you achieve a variety of goals, including: Personal hygiene, encompassing showering, bathing, oral care, dressing, and grooming, Toileting, managing bladder and bowel functions, and providing menstrual care, Assisting with eating and drinking, Accompanying you to appointments, Facilitating the use of aids and appliances, as well as hearing and communication devices, Supporting mobility and transfers, such as helping you move in and out of bed and onto or off the toilet, Administering basic first aid for minor injuries, Undertaking basic household chores and garden maintenance tasks.

Assist Travel/Transport

Traveling can pose significant challenges for individuals with disabilities, and it can be a source of concern for their loved ones. However, with Bigworks, you no longer have to worry about the difficulties associated with traveling for individuals with disabilities. We comprehend the unique challenges that disabled individuals face when it comes to traveling, and our services are specifically designed to cater to all their travel-related needs. Taking care of a disabled person during travel is undoubtedly a complex task, but our services are here to simplify the process for you. We aim to empower you to actively engage in the community and participate in social activities of your choice.

Group/Centre Activities in Townsville, Australia

Group/Centre Activities

Your social life doesn’t have to suffer! Our professional support workers have various programs to help build self confidence and encourage participation in recreational and social activities. This usually includes group-based activities including arts & crafts, tours, cooking classes, board games, sports, and more, with the company of other NDIS participants, or just that of the carer.

Support Coordination for Disable people

Life Stage Transition

Our highly dedicated and experienced Support Coordinators will assist you in building the capacity to live more independently and regain some autonomy. We will teach you how to plan and conduct your own activities without the need for assistance, and we help you get used to such procedures, empowering you to do things on your own if you wish.

Daily Tasks and Shared Living

Daily Tasks and Shared Living​

We will assist you with personal tasks involved in your daily living, so you can live as independently and happily as possible. One of our trained carers can come to the house and provide one-on-one care if you require assistance or even just company with some of your daily tasks which aren’t necessarily travel or household related, such as exercising or gardening.

Community Nursing Care in Townsville

Community Nursing Care

We have qualified and experienced nursing staff that can help you in all aspects of healthcare. Nurses are trained not only in their specific area of profession, but also in neonatal, infant, and child care so they can help with children as well.

Medication Management Services in Townsville

Medication Management

Medication is important for recovery, but it can be very easy to forget when to take them and whether or not you already took them. Our staff will help you take your medications at the appointed time and in the appropriate manner.

Participation in Community

Participation in Community

Life doesn’t stop, even when we suffer a disability, so why should you? We understand how important it is to be included in the broader community, maintain an active lifestyle, and get errands done. Our friendly

NDIS Household Tasks Support

Household Tasks

Home is where the heart is at. If you are struggling with maintaining a nice, safe, and comfortable environment at home due to your disability, our support workers can undertake household tasks which can include housecleaning, meal planning, preparation, and cooking, minor home and yard maintenance, and more.

NDIS Travel and Transport Assistance

Travel/Transport Assistance

Being able to move around is a fundamental part of living in the modern world. Our support workers will be able to drive you to and from any commitments you have, such as doctors appointments, going shopping, or visiting family and friends. If you would prefer to travel more independently, such as public transport

Personal Care and Safety services in Townsville

Assist Personal Activities

Old age or disability can make simple tasks such as showering or eating much more difficult or dangerous than they were before. We provide high quality support and assistance in personal care, equipment use in daily life, assistive technology, consumables, and home modifications so that we can help you with any

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